Sunday, August 3, 2008


Had a lovely Saturday. Went to my nanna and grandads on Saturday morning and ended up having lunch there and staying until gone 3pm. I had promised my nanna I would do her nails, so they didn't keep catching and splitting. It didn't take long but she's chuffed to bits. It's her 82nd birthday next week, so I'll be going over again next Saturday, after my OU tutorial.

My man has passed his exam. I'm so relieved. If he'd failed it would have cost about £160.00 to re-sit and that's cash we just do not have spare at the moment.

I tried on my wedding dress as suggested by my RCC leader. NIGHTMARE. It's so much smaller than I remember and there is absolutely no way on this earth that I'm going to be able to wear that in 8 weeks time! Oh well, it was worth a try anyway! At least I have an excuse to go shopping now!

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