Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Run off my feet

When I got home from work, my neighbour (the scouser) was in his back yard and asked how the weightloss was going. I told him it was okay, but I needed to exercise more. "Right" he announced, "Get your running gear on and I'll meet you out here in 5 minutes!"

We ran a loop of our local neighbourhood - it nearly killed me but I managed it. I do not run. I have never run. But I want to. I would love to be able to run without thinking my legs will drop off or my lungs will explode. I want to enjoy running and the scouser has come up with a plan.

The plan is that he's going to make me run every night after work. He is actually very encouraging and funny to run with (being told he'll break my legs if I give in made me laugh!) and will not accdept no for an answer. He's tapped into the one thing that stops me from progressing - I'm a lazy cow!

So the run we did was 1.25 miles (or 2km to the weirdos) and I managed it in 19minutes. I know this is not record breaking, but for me it was a major achievement.

After dinner my man decided it was time for our evening walk. We needed to go to the local store for dishewasher tablets, so we modified our route wand walked a total of 1.1 miles (1.9 km)

This morning, my legs feel like jelly and I have a blister on one of my feet. But it was worth it.

BTW, heres the awful photo of me doing the Race For Life the other weekend - I look like a hippo!

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MizFit said...


Id love to run more---can you send him across the pond? :)

oh and I think there was supposed to be a final sentence to your post but it was filled with TYPOS because I KNOW youd never say that about yourself and the amazing fact you ran the race!!