Thursday, July 17, 2008

The cold, the phone and my wardrobe

I hate having a cold! My eyes are all red and so is my nose. I feel like I'm living under a mound of tissues. I've been working at home for the past 3 days so that I don't spread my germs to my co-workers. (How considerate am ?!) I've managed to keep up to date with everything and was really proud that I'll have no backlog to work through when I get back to the office.

My phone hadn't rung at all - until I went to collect my prescription. It was my manager - why did I feel so guilty at having left the house when I was on a legitimate illness errand - I was waiting in line at the chemist for my pills!!!!! My manager said I sounded like his son, who's voice is just starting to break. So, basically I look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer and sound like a 13 year old boy! That makes me feel soooooooo much better... not.

At least I got a bargain while I waited. I popped into the shop next door to the chemist so I didn't have to stand and listen to all the old ladies telling me about their ailments. I got a lovely wrap around dress for £3.00, and a pair of espidrilles for £1.00. The dress is a little bit low cut at the front, but it's nothing a £1.00 brown vest from Primark won't fix!

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