Friday, July 4, 2008

Energy - the way forward

Hi there

Average day yesterday - worked from home all day, popped out at lunch time to buy a new showerhead (the last one split and used to spray in my eyes) and stayed sort of on plan with my eating.

Went to my RC class ON MY BIKE!!!! So got in a 1/2 mile ride, then a 45 minute class and walked home with my man (he walked over to the class to meet me and we walked back together)

Today is a totally different ketttle of fish. I feel really energised. Could it be the exercise from yesterday? Could it be eating breakfast? Could it be because the sun is shining? Whatever it is, it feels great so I'm planning to either go for a jog or go for a bike ride or do an exercise dvd when I get home.

Anyway, on a totally differernt subject...

I don't know about anyone else, but I find it quite hard to drink water. Not in a physical sense, but because it tastes awful. Today I am singing the praises of the evil Tesco - they have introduced a new Cherries & Berries concentrated squash which is GORGEOUS. It's in a smaller bottle (less plastic) and tastes soooooo good that I'm on my second glass already this morning. And it was only 83p. Bargain!

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