Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Day 1 - again!!!!!

So. I'm working from home today, which makes things slightly easier to begin with. I can eat healthy (no visits from Pam with her trolley of doom - seriously, every morning Pam makes the rounds of the whole office with a trolley laden with bacon rolls, toasted teacakes, crisps, chocolate, cans of pop - it's torture!!!) and I can fit in a bit of exercise too.

I've planned to visit my friend Kim later today and we're going to take her dog for a walk. I also have my Rosemary Conley class tonight so I will publish my weight on the side bar and update after each week's weigh in.

I do have a mini goal too - we are going to visit my family in Australia in September and I'd like to lose 14 pounds before we go. Fingers crossed!!!!

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