Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy Busy

What a hectic day! Man had to get up early to go and price up a job. I went to my Nanna's to see her, my grandad, my dad and his wife. Finally got home at 3.30pm, and had to get organised for staying over in Runcorn (Next door neighbour's mum's 50th birthday barbecue)

Went to pick man up from pub at 4.30pm, but didn't leave until 6.15pm! Lots of friends there we haven't seen for ages. Finally arrived in Runcorn at 6.50pm witht he party already in full swing.

Had to take it easy on the drinks as I needed to get up early Sunday for my Race for Life.

The party was lovely. Everyone was really nice and had a great time - Happy 50th Birthday Carol!

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